Orthodots - brace wax alternative.
Orthodots - brace wax alternative.

Orthodots - brace wax alternative.

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Great for sore spots and rubbing from fixed appliances or Invisalign - especially if conventional wax is not working for you. 

OrthoDots are made of a transparent medical-grade silicone and contain a proprietary moisture-activated adhesive layer, so there is no need to dry brackets before applying.

OrthoDots are 20 times more pliable than leading dental wax, and also stay on longer. They are safe to use while eating and drinking.


The adhesive system used in OrthoDots CLEAR is moisture-activated, meaning that it not only initially sticks the best in the very wet conditions around orthodontic appliances, but it also stays in place much longer than dental wax.

The material is drastically superior to traditional dental wax for this application. Third-party testing confirmed that the medical-grade silicone is 19 to 21 times more pliable and 33 to 82 times more tear resistant than leading dental wax products on the market.

In light transmittance testing, OrthoDots CLEAR was shown to be 17-30 times more transparent (less opaque) than leading dental wax products on the market. The image above shows a leading dental wax brand vs. OrthoDots CLEAR.

OrthoDots are made from a high quality medical-grade silicone and a common adhesive ingredient that has long been safely used in other oral care products.

OrthoDots not only offers a better product to maximize patient satisfaction, but it also offers a better option for more convenient and hygienic use due to tamper-evident packaging, hygienic individual applications, and labelling with product traceability.

OrthoDots® CLEAR can be used on appliances other than braces
Although abrasions are typically thought to be caused primarily by braces, there are many other types of orthodontic appliances that can be a source of pain and irritation. Given the superior adhesive properties, tear resistance, and malleability of OrthoDots CLEAR, it is the best option for use on all orthodontic appliances. Below are examples of other orthodontic appliances that commonly cause irritation.

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