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  • Restores Healthy Gums.
  • Active protection from ulcers, receding gums, gingivitis, lesions caused by braces and other oral health issues.

The gel is particularly useful for children wearing braces, who are more susceptible to gum inflammation and ulcers. Brace wearers are more prone to gingivitis, lesions caused by rubbing of the appliance and ulcers.



After your regular oral hygiene routine, apply a film of gel onto the affected area. Massage gently with clean fingers or with an interdental brush. Repeat these instructions 2-5 times per day.


• No known drug interactions or side effects
• Non-staining
• No artificial colourants
• No irritating chemicals that cause burning or other oral symptoms
• Pleasant tasting and easy to use
• Suitable for vegetarians and diabetics


Hyaluronan is a naturally occurring physiological constituent of connective tissue especially gum tissue where it helps to facilitate the natural tissue healing and recovery process. Indications for use: Sore inflamed and receding gum tissue, after tooth extraction or oral surgery. Contains: Hyaluronan 200mg, Xylitol, Excipients.

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