Replacement removable retainer (for existing patients)

Replacement removable retainer (for existing patients)

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Please give details for the existing Queensway Orthodontic patient that requires the retainer

A unique service for existing Queensway Orthodontic patients (NHS or private) or those that have had a digital scan in the practice recently.



  • If you are a former myDentist Darlington patient please contact the practice on 01642352440 before ordering your replacement retainer

  • You must provide the patient name and date of birth in the fields on the shopping cart/check out to allow us to verify the patient record and availability of a scan

You can order and pay for a replacement retainer online without even having to phone, let alone visit the practice.

Providing that you have a recent scan on file then we will simply manufacture your new retainer and send it out to you - easy!


  • If your scan is not up to date then you will be contacted to visit the practice for a new one. 
  • If a significant period of time (more than 1-2 weeks normally) has elapsed since you last wore a retainer then a new retainer from the original scan may not fit - we can take no responsibility for this and orders are placed at the purchasers risk - if you are in doubt please discuss with us first
  • By ordering a retainer online you are acknowledging that you have previously worn a retainer and had instructions provided as to the appropriate care of the teeth and retainer during wear. Further instructions are available via the patient section at
  • Occasionally retainers need adjusting to fit. This is not unusual and may require a visit to the practice to allow this work to be completed. 

24 hours’ notice is required to allow orders to be processed.