Invisalign Chewies (for existing patients)
Invisalign Chewies (for existing patients)

Invisalign Chewies (for existing patients)

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Please give details for the existing Queensway Orthodontic patient that requires the Chewies.

**Existing Queensway Orthodontic patients only**

Order your chewie supplies here - free of charge

Invisalign chewies are used to help close any air gaps between the teeth and the Invisalign aligners. Biting on the chewie helps the trays to fit tighter on your teeth, which makes the treatment progress faster.

To use an Invisalign chewie...

Simply position it between your teeth and bite down. Quickly move it from one end of your mouth to another, continuing to bite up and down, until you have bitten on it with all your teeth. Then go back and do it again and keep repeating the process. We recommend to bite on the chewie for five to ten minutes several times per day. One method is to bite on the chewie for at least five minutes before bed. This will help your aligner tray stay well seated and tight against your teeth while you sleep at night.

Flavours may vary.

**Note chewies will be sent out standard post - there are no upgrade options available**

**Please ensure the patient's name and date of birth are entered on the check-out screen so we can verify this against the patient records**

24 hours’ notice is required to allow orders to be processed.